Map concept-"Green Valleys"-520x520

Description of map "Green Valleys"

Welcome to the "Green Valleys" map, this map features a defensive and offensive spawn, the north spawn being the defensive, and the south being the offensive. As seen in the images below, the north spawn has a large ridge featuring the highest points of the map acting as sniper positions, while the south spawn better opportunities in terms of offensive towards the north-east. A key feature of this map are the directions in which team has better opportunities; the north team will have a much safer offensive route towards the south-west of the map while the south team has a more viable offensive route towards the north-east. Successful pushes through these flanks will leave the enemy in the middle of a pincer attack, determining their defeat. The middle of the map has a hill which holds a town, this town contains the base-capture circle (See image 7). Holding this middle-hill prevents your enemies from being able to rotate around a large portion of the map.

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Map concept-"Armadillo"-510x525

Description of map "Armadillo"

The Armadillo map is a unique map, in the middle of the map, stands a large hill with 4 long entry-ways. The 2 entry-ways towards the west give access to the highest points of the hill and the map itself, these high points however are mostly open and susceptible to fire, but hold great opportunities for shots as most cover will not be sufficient against your position. The 2 entry-ways towards the east lead you to a more protected part of the hill, but, after winning the area, will only give you vision to less than half of the enemy's side. Pushing towards the enemy's side is impossible through the hill and only possible through the town towards the west and the flank towards the east. The edges of both the north and south have a large amount of foliage (trees, bushes) for tanks to remain concealed in their sniping roles or flanking roles. The town holds the capture circle (See image 6), which is well protected and can be used for your enemy's off the hill.

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Map concept-"Hythe"-520x520

Description of map "Hythe"

Hythe follows the traditional design of WotBlitz maps; Town on one side, hills on the other, and a middle which will allow players to create a cross fire. This map is also close to symmetrical, meaning both sides will have a fair chance at the fight. Winning the town will allow you team to overlook the capture circle, as well as a large amount of the map, but without anyone spotting, you will be blinded from most of the map. If your team is able to hold the whole north-west side, you have the opportunity to win by base capture, as you have an entire ridge protecting the base-cap. the south-east contains hills, and the highest points of the map, which if won, will allow players to create crossfire through the town. Pushing through the hills into the enemies spawn will allow players to spot and destroy enemy Tank destroyers sitting and camping in the hills of their spawn, players can use foliage to prevent being spotted while firing at these Tank destroyers. The middle of the map holds a small well-protected mound, which has a large amount of trees and bushes which can be used for early spotting.

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